We carry only tried and true brands with the best warranties on the market. The brands we carry provide quality and a long lasting product to our customers. If you are looking for another brand, please contact us to discuss. 


Designer Roller and Designer Solar, Design Studio Rollers and Alustra Architectural roller Shades . Lift systems include: Literise lift, cordless lift, Softtouch motorized wand lift and Powerview motorization.

Roller shades have 3 distinct fabrics:

  • sheer; fabric that you can see through and others can see in from outside.
  • Light filtering fabric that you cannot see through, but light filters in and privacy from outside is maintained
  • Room darkening/blackout: these 2 terms are interchangeable and these fabrics block daylight for better sleeping, and screen time.

Solar Shades are a screen fabric that provide differing levels of view and surprisingly, great heat and UV protection.  They are great when you need the protection but do not want to feel closed in. Fabrics are rated by percentage. The percentage rating is what the fabric allows through for heat, light and UV. The greater the percentage, the more heat, light and UV allowed through, but also the more view. Fabric options include patterns that disappear with light, textures and various densities. Darker colors have a better view than lighter colors because they do not reflect the light back to your eye.

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